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Hi, I am Martine Harm 

In nature, surrounded by dogs I am in my element. 
I love going for long walks with my dogs, going on little adventures together. The magic for me is in those moments when we have that deep connection without using many words. Just being, enjoying each other and our surroundings, but still knowing they will listen to me when I need it.

I see so many dog owners struggle with their dogs and I wish for everyone to experience that same effortless connection with their dog(s). After many years I discovered the exact framework how to get there.  So I can help people achieve the same results! 

Dogs are my teachers and I have learned so much over the last 15 years. Not only about dog behaviour, which is my passion, but also about health issues, food & natural remedies. Mostly from my own pack of dogs (6 Ridgebacks, 1 stray and 2 Pyrenean Shepherds). Every one so very different, all of them with their own strong points and struggles. 

But being a dog trainer and behaviourist for over 15 years, means I have worked with more then 30.000 dogs and owners, all breeds or mixed breeds of all life stages. I also work with a pack of 30-40 dogs on a daily basis. So I pretty much got them figured out ;-) 

A little bit more about me ...

- PASSIONATE about dogs & people

- Founder of The Dog Code
- Founder/owner of KYNO ConnectDog trainingcentre, daycare & boarding facility
- Rhodesian Ridgeback breeder
- Succesful showdog handler 

A good education about dog behaviour is an essential foundation. I am a professional, licensed dog trainer and have done my dog behaviour education with Dogvision. I am also an Absolute Dogs PRO Dogtrainer and always keep my knowledge up to date by attending lectures, seminars, workshops or courses by the best professionals in this field. But I have to say all the dogs I have worked with are my biggest teachers, there is no substitute for hands on experience! 

But more importanIy ...
I share my life with my dogs! They are family members to me and I love them like crazy! 
They are an important part of our daily life. We like going for long walks,
and like to take them with us to restaurants, friends, on trips & holidays.

Doing al this fun stuff together with your dogs becomes so much easier
when they are real life bomb proof and well behaved!  

That is my wish for YOU too!
I want you and your dog to enjoy life together to the fullest!

Thank you

For being a committed dog owner, wanting to learn more! I am so excited to share all of my knowledge with you, so you and your dog will both benefit! 

I am working hard on the final touches of my ONLINE COURSE. You will love it! I will keep you updated on the launch date.

In the meantime please follow The Dog Code on social media where you can already find so much knowledge & tips!
See you there!!

Martine Harm
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