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Unlock The Dog Code!

The natural, no-nonsense way to a happy, healthy & well behaved dog

Do you want to learn more about dog behaviour? You're in the right place!

The Dog Code offers online dog training tools. Not just to train your dog the right way from the get go, but we also offer solutions for problem behaviour!

Are you just looking for fun activities to do with your dog? No worry we've got that covered too!

Create a awesome, effortless relationship with your dog & learn skills that actually work in real life situations! So you can have stress free walks & just enjoy your dog!

Online dog training &More (blogs & how to's). Our online tools are meant for every owner & his dog!

Unlock The Dog Code to Become Your Dog’s Guru!


A dog that listens? 
Always, everywhere!

Fantastic & effortless
relationship with your dog? 

Learn how to create
the dog of your dreams! 



Framework for Succes!

Health, relationship, communication & skills. Every piece counts!

Is there a quick fix when it comes to raising & training your dog? No!
BUT it isn't that complicated either!

Is your dog pulling the leash like crazy, having problems with reactivity or agression?  Does your dog chooses distractions over you and doesn't come when called? Or do you just want to learn more about your dog's behaviour & health? The Dog Code offers solutions!

Skyrocket your knowledge about dog behaviour. Apply result based methods to create a super well behaved, happy & stress free dog! And you will be a stress free owner as well!

Real every day life results!
The natural, no-nonsense & uncomplicated way!  

Hi, i am Martine Harm 

Crazy about dogs, a dog behaviour expert, no-nonsense, straightforward and result driven by nature.

My obsession is teaching others how to get the dog they have always dreamed of. Happy, healthy and super well behaved! So you can enjoy your dog to the fullest! 

That's why I have condensed all my knowledge and experience and created
The Dog Code. An easy to follow 4-piece framework for EVERY owner and dog!  



My mission: Happy, healthy, well behaved dogs and happy owners! The simple, no-nonsense and result based way!


Committed dog owners, who want the best for their dog! Who want the perfect relationship with their dog and want them to reliably listen in all situations.


Online training, online courses, video's, blog, interviews with leading health and behaviour experts.

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